Coppus Motors Discusses Maintaining your RAM Truck's Panache

One of the main reasons that you selected your 2013 RAM 1500 is due to its rugged strength. But, let's face it; the truck's panache equally caught your attention as well. Envisioning yourself propelling through backcountry roads and across remote fields, getting a little dirt on the tires, you knew that you'd look cool. And, you do.

After all, you're revving a 4.7-liter V8 that's able to achieve an explosive 310 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque; mud is flying everywhere in your wake. But, as your significant other says, you're going to want to clean that up.

Don't worry, at Coppus Motors we have a few tips to help keep your new RAM glistening, even after some thrilling adventures.

This may sound obvious, but the first step is to wash your RAM truck. As you probably know, intuitively, washing your pickup removes grime that may cause tiny abrasions and even turn into rust if left unattended. It's recommended that you do this in the shade, and to dry the vehicle with a clean cloth to create a smooth finish.

Speaking of the shade, it's perhaps the paintjob's best ally. You see, the sun can cause the color to fade, so when you're returning from the backcountry, it's advisable to keep your RAM under cover. 

Of course, along with sustaining its style, you want to ensure that your RAM pickup continues to run hard for years to come. We get that. In order to schedule your truck's next routine maintenance, we invite you to visit our car service center. Housed in Tiffin, OH, our experts are happy to perform your vehicle's required upkeep, at your convenience!

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