Jeep Brand Labeled Most American by Consumers

Synonymous with adventure and reliability, for years the Jeep brand has been a U.S. staple. From protecting this country's courageous soldiers during World War II to providing off-road escapades, the automaker's playful yet tough SUVs are truly American.

Now, at Coppus Motors we understand if you're inclined to question our claim. After all, as a Jeep dealership it's clear that we preferred the American automaker; but there's research to prove our point.

You see recently the folks at Brand Keys, a branding research firm based in New York, surveyed a group of 4,500 consumers. Giving the pollers a comprehensive list of 197 famous U.S. brands spreading across 35 different categories, the marketing gurus were looking for the companies that people recognize as being very American.

As we've alluded to previously, our preferred automaker did quite well for itself. Actually, the Jeep brand came out on top as the number one American brand, per the whopping 4,500 shoppers surveyed. Not to mention, it was one of only two within the automotive industry in the list's top 25.

Although with that said, we know when it comes to committing to a brand, let alone a car, the only opinion that really matters is yours. With that said, we invite you to visit our new Jeep experts to arrange a test drive in your preferred patriotic model, anytime. 

Of course if you're already the proud owner of an all-American Jeep, then we welcome you to bring it by our car service center in Tiffin, OH. Our mechanical gurus are happy to change the oil, rotate the tires and perform other regularly schedule maintenance to keep your utility-minded vehicle running for several more miles!

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