2013 Dodge Dart Receives Mopar Touch

You can ask any industry admirer or car parts enthusiast in greater Tiffin, OH, and they'll be familiar with Mopar. Actually, at Coppus Motors, we're betting that the greater public is well-versed with the term. First introduced by the American brand in 1937, this division is dedicated to automotive maintenance and customer service. Although that's, arguably, not what they're recognized for; that's their customized vehicles.

In fact, across the new Dodge lineup, the automaker's subdivision offers performance-enhanced autos, with an added kick of style. Excitingly, the most recent addition to the Mopar roster is none other than the (already riveting) 2013 Dart.

As you might assume, the 2013 Dodge Dart Mopar is delightfully flashy. That starts with the exterior's pitch-black paintjob, which features a brilliant blue stripe down the middle. Wearing 18-inch wheels with a glossy-ebony hue, the vehicle sits slightly lower to the road allowing for increased agility and a more commanding stance.

That enhanced sprightliness is helped by the Mopar-infused model's retuned steering and upgraded disc brakes. The exclusive 2013 Dodge Dart also includes the brand's unique body kit, a tweaked exhaust system and a deck-lid spoiler.

Returning to style, moving to the interior the 2013 Dart Mopar continues the blue on black theme. The driver's seat is the same hue as the exterior's stripe and the passenger seats are covered in black leather with, you guessed it, blue accents.

Intrigued? For the complete details of the 2013 Dodge Mopar model, or the wonderfully classic Dart, we welcome you to visit us anytime. We're always happy to answer any questions and arrange test drives at your convenience!

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