It's easy to overlook the conveniences of certain features, particularly in the realm of the automobile industry. That's because the trade's fundamental purpose is to take us from point A to point B. Fortunately, the new Chrysler models fulfill that resolve; and do so comfortably, safely, in style and with a twist of fun to enjoy the ride.

In fact, the progressive American automaker has been doing that for years. Pioneering the business, the brand has been engineering Chrysler parts, features and technologies that are now unanimously adopted across the industry.

Take power windows for example. Instead of cranking on the door handle to get some fresh air, now a simple push of a button will do. That convenient luxury was introduced first by Chrysler in 1950. Shortly after, in 1951, the American brand continued the development of automatic technology launching power steering and then cruise control in 1958.

These innovations are fantastic; they enhance drivability by making it simpler. But, as we mentioned, Chrysler also revolutionizes safety. In fact, the brand was the first to incorporate airbags as a standard feature in 1998. Moving forward a few years, in 1992 they integrated the child back seat.

And the list continues. These aforementioned milestones are only a light sampling of what the American automaker has done, and will continue to do. For more details, visit our Chrysler dealership serving Fostoria. Located nearby at 2190 West Market Street in Tiffin, OH, our experts at Coppus Motors are delighted to answer any questions!

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