Crisp Weather Brings New Jeep Adventures

You can already smell it in the air; fall is quickly approaching. That means the return of the NFL and delicious chili cook-offs. It also entails endless opportunities to explore the brightly-changing foliage from behind the wheel of your new Jeep.

Yes, you read that correctly. Sure, the days are growing shorter and there's a definitive chill in the air, but your adventurous spirit doesn't have to go into hibernation. After all, your Jeep is engineered to travel off-the-beaten-path, and that's true regardless of the time of year. Although with that said, at Coppus Motors we certainly recommend dressing for the season; particularly when camping.

Speaking directly to that last point, autumn boasts a uniquely entertaining time in which to go camping. You see, in addition to the increasingly vibrant landscape, fall is also a wonderful time to pack up your Jeep Grand Cherokee and pitch a tent. That's because the grounds aren't likely to be overcrowded, as they are during hot and humid summer months.

Of course, if you've already filled your annual camping quota, there are plenty of other autumn options. Namely, our preferred American automaker hosts regular Jeep Jamobrees, which are held across the United States. These exciting events offer enthusiasts, like you, the opportunity to travel and meet like-minded individuals.

That's pretty exciting; you're going to want to hit the road, and soon. However, before you do, we welcome you to swing by our auto repair center in Tiffin, OH. During your visit we're happy to schedule your Jeep SUV's next routine maintenance appointment, to help you get started on your next adventure.

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