A brand new Full-Size Ram Truck EV pickup is coming soon. Coppus Motors is proud to introduce the latest and most innovative truck to hit the streets of Upper Sandusky. Our team wants to tell you all about the upcoming 2024 Ram 1500 EV. This electric pickup truck will be available at our lot near Tiffin, OH, when the vehicle is released.

New Ram EV

The all-new Ram 1500 EV going to have a dedicated electric vehicle architecture. Fostoria drivers can expect it to have all-wheel drive capability, so you'll be able to go where you want with your electric truck.

The new Ram vehicle that will be at our lot near Fremont will be all-electric. It will have electric motors both front and back These motors are where a lot of the power for the all-wheel drive will come from generally. It has a huge amount of rage compared to most vehicles of this type, especially since it's a fairly new class of vehicle. In addition, the fast charging is being upgraded for more speed.

It will also have a unique aesthetic that will make it easier to tell it apart from a normal conventional truck. Instead, it will be sleek and dramatic with a more modern feel to it. The range is slated to be up near 500 miles. The battery packs are going to have 200 kWh to accommodate this. It's slated to have better range, charge time, towing, and more than it would have otherwise. You'll be able to see it at our lot near Findlay.

More Information

To learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us at our dealership today. You'll be able to schedule a test drive when it becomes available. Check out this vehicle and more at Coppus Motors.

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