Coppus Motors was founded in 1927 by Harry Coppus Sr as Coppus Motors Sales. Located at 133 West Center Street in Fostoria, OH, the company sold Hupmobile, Pontiac, Oakland, Plymouth, Rockne, and DeSoto. Due to depression circumstances, in 1933 Coppus Motors moved to 116 East Market St in Tiffin, the current location of Burns Electric where Studebaker, Hudson, International Trucks, Shultz House Trailers, and used cars were sold. In 1937 the company moved again just down the street to 145 East Market, which later became the skating rink and eventually the East Green. Here they sold Studebaker, used cars, and in 1938 acquired Nash. In 1941 Coppus Motors built a brand-new facility on Madison Street, across from Calvert High School where they remained for almost 50 years.

In the late 40's and early 50's Coppus Motors began selling many different imports including MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Austin Healy, Morris, Porsche, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, Singer, Isetta, and Renault, becoming one of the first import dealers in the Midwestern United States. Also, during this time Coppus Motors continued to sell Studebaker as well as Nash, which would eventually evolve into Rambler and then American Motors. The current lineup began to emerge in 1954 with Mercedes-Benz, Dodge in 1964, and Jeep in 1976. Throughout the years, the dealership continued to expand through the purchase of surrounding property.

Coppus Motors eventually moved in 1988 to the present location, 2190 West Market Street, and one year later the Chrysler franchise was purchased. In partnership with General Manager, Tom Zirger, Seneca Car Wash was built in 1998 to further enhance the customer experience by providing a free car wash to all customers after their service visit, as well as being open to the public. A service drive thru was added in 2003 for customer comfort and ease during the vehicle drop off and pickup process.

In 2012 Coppus Motors made a commitment to the future which included a complete renovation of the facility and the purchase of more land. The current franchise lineup was completed in 2014 with the addition of Sprinter vans, which required a 5,200 square foot addition being built onto the Service Department to accommodate this acquisition. In the same year, Precision Window Tinting & Detailing was established to fill additional customer needs, and in 2019 the old Bush Chevrolet building was purchased to expand Coppus Motors' property and become the home of Precision Window Tinting.

During the Depression in 1934, Coppus Motors with only 4 employees hit a low point selling just 14 new cars at a small profit. In 2021 Coppus Motors sold almost 1,000 new and pre-owned vehicles and had over 50 employees. 

From its inception in 1927, Coppus Motors was built on the values of honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices. Harry Sr believed these values were essential for exceptional customer service and would ultimately result in a distinguished reputation. Those principles have been continued by the founder's son, Harry Coppus Jr and grandson, John Coppus. Harry Coppus Jr came into the business in 1945 and John Coppus in 1980. With three generations of family ownership, Coppus Motors is looking forward to reaching their 100th year in 2027.